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AirGenius 3 Air Cleaner/Odor Reducer

Model Number: HFD300
Dimensions: 12" x 11" x 29" in
Color: White
Room Size: 225 sq.ft.
Speeds: 3
Warranty: 5 year limited
Price: 229.99
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Love it

Works great, very happy with the product.

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super quiet

I live in an area of wildfires and have spent several uncomfortable days with irritated eyes and a runny nose. I purchased a Holmes unit and returned it the next day because it ws so noisy. One has to strain to hear this unit on the nighttime setting.  Even when it is set on high, it is quieter than the other one. That, it's high CADR rating and the washable filters make it the ideal choice for me. 

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Cleaned the air right away.  Very satisfied customer.

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Only had the purifer one day, but it's pretty nice!  QUIET and seems to be cleaning the air of 2 dogs dust and dander nicely too!

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Working as expected. Room seem noticeably fresher

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Great Air Filters

Homeywell air filters are GREAT!  Used them for many years and they make a huge difference in air borne allergens!

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Love my air purifier

Set my airpurifier up in the bedroom. After running for a few hours there was a noticable difference in the air quality. Have slept better since buying the unit.

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So far so good

I just bought this product a few days ago and its going fine. I especially like the sleep setting for when we go to bed at night. Im looking forward to seeing what the filter will look in three months to see what we've been breathing. 

I have no complaints.

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Buzzing Sound

They product does what it says and does it well, but a week after it running 24/7 its making a

horrible buzzing sound.

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Very Nice

  Woks great! We like the feature of having a sleep button. The only problem we seem to have is that the light is bright at night, otherwise we are happy with it. 

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Static Popping

This filter works great, but there are a few issues to be aware of before you buy it.  For the first week of use the unit put out a distinct chemical or plastic smell.  It wears off after initial use.  Kind of like a new car, but not something I liked.

Now after 3 months, the purifier started popping and crackling.  I think there is an problem with static electricity.  I noticed the first time I removed the filter to clean it that one of the electric terminals (top right) has a few spots around that look like corrosion.  I am a little concerned that static electricity is just building up there and sparking a lot now.  I am going to try to find out what is wrong.

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air purifier

worked well for a couple of weeks, but now when using, something inside is getting electricuted so now it makes a noise when in use

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air cleaner
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Air Genius

Worked good for about 2 months then began shutting off of it's own. Inspected unit & noticed that when it would shut off a spark would be noticeable in the front of the unit. Quickly unplugged unit & am in the process of trying to contact KAZ about it. So far all I get is over 10 minutes of hold time without any response.

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Air Genius air cleaner

I purchased this about a month ago and there are sparks coming from two little wires in front of fan and it will not stay running more than 10 minutes.

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broken unit

I submitted a warranty request months ago about my broken noisy unit and need to send it in for service. this is the second request for service ive sent in. please someone get back  to me asap for service. thank you





















































































































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