This 15 watt electronic bug zapper is ideal for smaller yards up to 1/2 acre in size. Flying insects are attracted to the light in the unit and are killed by the charged grids which surround the light
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: UV15-BL
Product ID: 65dc4c6698b7ed543fc6cce84bff7351
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30.99 New

Kaz Online Store

Stinger 1/2 Acre Outdoor Bug Killer

Model Number: UV15-BL
Category: Insect Control
Dimensions: 20.81" x 0.00" x 13.50" in
Color: Black
Warranty: 3 Year Limited
Price: $30.99
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  • 1/2 acre coverage
  • No assembly
  • Easy bulb replacement
  • Plugs into 120v outlet
  • Works 24 a day
  • Comes with bonus Octenol lure
  • For Outdoor Use Only
  • Note:  This product uses a lamp that contains Mercury, dispose accordingly to Local, State or Federal Laws 


The lures for this unit have changed and the new lures are not the same as the old ones.  Please click the How it Works Link here, or above, to see the comparison of the lures.

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