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Neck & Shoulder Wrap

Model Number: HP1020
Warranty: 5 year warranty
Price: 37.99
Sale Price: 24.99
Save: $13.00 (34% off)
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Very convenient to use

I recently purchased your neck/shoulder heating pad.  I have always tried to use the basic heating pad for my shoulder and neck pains, until I discovered that there was a special heating pad mad for the neck/shoulder.  It works great and I am very pleased with this product.  And it's very easy to keep in place. 

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Great for Neck/Upper back

I recently purchased this for my neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. Great for when I am sitting on the couch or in a chair. Really conforms to the shape of your neck and shoulders. Would purchase again.

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Love it!  It really helps the sore neck & shoulders

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neck and shoulder heating pad

I wish the pad was wider because i have problems with both shoulders, but over all it is a very nice heating pad.

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Neck heat wrap

I have the back heat wrap & it's wonderful! Upon ordering & receiving the neck/shoulder wrap, I was disappointed. You cannot get a "tight" closure, so, the device doesn't have close contact with the affected area. I would suggest a separate elongated device for the neck only & then the horse-shoe design for the shoulder area. Two separate items but,  I WOULD buy both!

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The product is no longer carried in my local drug stores so I have ordered it online from Kaz.  Unfortunately, the product was defective as received, and I have returned it on warranty.  I am hopeful the replacement arrives soon, and is not defective.

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