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Mind+Body Soothing Gel Mask

Model Number: HCC1000
Dimensions: 8" x 5" x " in
Color: Blue
Warranty: 2 Year limited
Price: 9.99
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Great Mask
Very soft, fits well.
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Simply wonderful!

This product is wonderful for migraine treatment!  I like that it can cover your eyes and upper sinuses completely.  We've had a lot of fronts come through lately, so I have found heat to work best (although it's great cold, too, for my other types of migraines).  I often prefer to wear it as a headband so I can continue working during the day.  It's super soft, and the band is adjustable.  And, I love that it has both a velvety side and a silky side; that makes a difference.  I'm glad the scent pads are optional as I don't like to smell things when I have a migraine.  I'll be buying another one soon to keep at work.  Thanks for offering such a great product!

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