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Plus Heating Pad

Model Number: HP710-24-3P-S
Dimensions: 12" x " x 15" in
Warranty: 5 Year Limited
Price: 26.99
Sale Price: 24.99
Save: $2.00 (7% off)
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SoftHeat Heating Pad
I love this heating pad because I use it for any kind of relief.
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Great product
Love this heating pad.! The main reason I purchased this product is the auto off feature. Since my back surgery I have been using a heating pad at night to help with the pain. I have used other heating pads but they did not have that feature and I have been burned so I was glad when I found this one. Now I don't have to worry about that happening. Thanks for a great product !
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great heating pad
I like it a lot. great value for the price.
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Awesome service and product
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softheat heatting pad

better than the one a had.

also its safe.

thumbs up.

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softheat heatting pad

great  does the job

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23"x12" Heating Pad

Have two Model PK7793AB Heating Pads (23" x 12") which have given excelent service to date!

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Product Review

I love this heating pad!  The control is easy to use, the cover is soft and the heat level is even throughout the pad.  I am very pleased with this purchase.

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Kaz model no.: HP710

Hello everybody, I really enjoy my Kaz model no. HP710. I like the moist or dry options and the soothing relief from my aches and pains. Thank you and good bye.

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good product

The heating level choices are simple to understand and simple to use. The pad heats gradually, but completely;  so don't be discouraged if it is not instant! It's safer to heat this way so the body can adjust to the temperature change. Good product. Handy size.

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Heating Pad
I really like the Soft Heat Heating Pad. I use it at work when my back hurts. I like that it does not take long to heat up and that it cuts off after an hour, so that I don't have to worry about cutting it off when I go home....It is very comfortable and it fits my chair perfectly..
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Nice and toasty then....

I purchased this heating pad mainly for the auto-shut off feature. Overall, it's well dimensioned and works very well. Only small gripe I have it that, on the highest setting it heats up to what I would consider to be the correct temperature but after around 10mins or so, backs off to something much cooler. I'm guessing that this is a safety measure to avoid folk over cooking themselves but there's no mention of it (that I could find) in the instructions/packaging.

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LIke it hot!

I really like this pad because it heats up very nicely and stays hot.  i need really hot heat for my back and this pad has been the best so far. 

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3rd one purchased in a year
I just purchased my 3rd one in a year. Both 1 and 2 stopped working after 4-6 months.Light flashes on control but NO heat. Plan to complain to customer service now. When they work they are GREAT. But life span is simply un-acceptable.
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Heating Pad

Some background first:  I use this product for pain relief, especially in the middle of the night, it saves me taking medicine as the heat relieves my symptons. 

Problem:  It takes too long to get hot.

So in the middle of the night if I need to use it I want it super hot in a couple of minutes or less which is what my old heating pad does (made by Kaz.)  This new one takes about 15-20 minutes to get hot and it's not until it reaches peak heat that it relieves the pain.  So it's a little long to wait especially at night.

If you have another product that you can recommend for me please let me know.  Other than that I find the product works fine once it gets hot enough.


Thank you, cheryl estrada




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Good Product, but needs to last longer
Lasted me since 2008. It started burning inside and could have started a fire.
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i just need to sign up for my 5 year warranty. the last one i had crapped out after 4 days.

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When it works, this heating pad is great. Even heat, great temperature, and the auto shut off is a nice feature. However, it only works maybe a third of the time. Most of the time, when I go to turn it on, the green light just starts blinking, and the pad doesn't heat up. There doesn't seem to be a way to fix this, nor does it seem that I am doing anything wrong. From what I've read it looks like this is some quirk of the auto shut off that went wrong, and it seriously needs to be fixed. As it is right now, this heating pad is not worth the money I paid for it or the frustration that it causes. 

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My dumb stupid pad keep flashing top Light green.. when i turn it on. it doesnt heat i want a new one

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heating pad

It's ok, but it only works sometimes.

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A few seconds after being turned on the pad goes into automatic shut-off.  Wasted my money!

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Auto-Shuit Off

I think the heating pad quality overall is very good, but I wish there was a way to shut off the auto-shut off feature.  Sometimes I wonder why it is not warm any more and discover that the heating pad has shut off.  That is my only one complaint about the product.

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Lousy heating pad and warranty

Heating pad stopped working after a few months .They wanted me to send it back for replacement at MY cost for their defective item.I will never purchase another Kaz product again!!

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After 2 months- DEAD!

I purchased this heating pad 2 months ago, and was very pleased with it until it stopped working. No heat and a blinking red light equals- DEAD. I hope this company will stand behind their product and send a replacement, as my family and friends will be interested in the outcome.

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