The advanced humidification system kills up to 99.999% of tap water bred germs with UV light providing fresher moisture.
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: EWM-220
Product ID: 1b5a61725b56200e8d9a5975c238d75e
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Enviracaire Up to 99.999% Germ Free Humidifier

Model Number: EWM-220
Category: Humidifiers
Price: $109.99
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The Enviracaire Germ Free humidifier helps provide fresher, cleaner moisture using the dual process of UV light and vaporization.   Ultraviolet light quickly sanatizes the water as it passes throught the UV chamber, water then enters the boiling chamber ensuring up to 99.999% pure moisture.

  • Independently Labratory Tested Performance
  • Adjustable Humidity Control
  • Dual Water Tanks for Easy Filling and Carrying
  • Dishwasher Safe Medicine Cup
  • No Replacmenet Filters Needed
  • For Small to Medium Size Rooms
  • Runs up to 24hrs per Filling
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Customer Reviews

Enviracaire Up to 99.999% Germ Free Humidifier
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Great humidifier.  Its nearly 100% germ-free operation (with no lung-damaging white dust and no ear-damaging ultrasonic waves) gives me peace of mind.  The dual tanks are easy to fill and lighter-weight than one large tank. 


Fast shipping, product was in good condition

Very Satisfactory Humidifier

I have used this humidifier for approximately  two weeks now and am very satisfied with it.  It replaces a Slant Fin which I had used for years.  This is much easier to clean and definitely produces plenty of steam.  It is also easy to fill with the  two tanks.  I hope this one holds up as well as my old one.

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