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Dunlap Deluxe Heating Pad

Model Number: R950WM
Dimensions: 12" x " x 24" in
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: 39.99
Sale Price: 29.99
Save: $10.00 (25% off)
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Deluxe heating pad
I've purchased two of your duluxe Moist or Dry heating pads in the last 3 years. and both has quit on me. Now the box says that they have a Lift time warranty. How do I get them replaced.
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i have bought soft heat heating pads...they sukkkk.. i luv my dunlap, bought several soft heat n they didnt get hot enough,they sux n need another,have 5 bad dics in lower back,had over 4 surgerys n still need heat to sleep n my dunlap is the only one that got hot enough....want it back,,,,please........


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Love my Heating Pad
This has been by far my favorite heating pad however, it has quit on me :( I will be running out today to get me a new one!
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Good product
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