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EnergySmart® Surround Ceramic Heater

Model Number: HZ-435
Dimensions: 10" x 10" x 20" in
Color: Black
Room Size: Whole Room
Speeds: 2
Warranty: 3 Year Limited
Price: 64.99
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Was looking for a no hassle space heater. Found this on sale at Meijer's and it had all the features that I was looking for and then some. This space heater features: quiet Ceramic technology, overheating protection, adjustable thermostat, 5 timer settings, save-energy mode, auto shut-off tipping, a 3 year warranty and the 180-360 degrees heat direction option that I like, all for $50! Looks durable, Very nice! West Suburbs Chicago, IL
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This heater is the best heater I have ever purchased! I actually am going out this evening to purchase one for my parents! Thank you for the great product!
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I really like Honeywell heaters they work well and last a long time. I still have the one from 2years ago and works good, warms up the whole room. I just bought my 2nd one for the living room and im happy with both.

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Really heats well, I live in a home with a slab floor, it gets very cold here in Michigan, now I am toasty warm.

The electrical cord is too short.  Use of an extension cord or power strip is Not suggested.  So my question is, how do I reach the areas I need to if I can't use an extension cord?  

I'd like some feed back 

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so far so good.

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We had purchased one of these exact same models less than a year ago (2-27-13)  at Target and it broke down in early February (one of the coldest months in the NorthEast) prompting us to have to rush out and get a replacement. We purchased the same model again and we hopefully will get more than one seasons use from it. The issue is now trying to get Target to make good on the previous purchase and at least get some of the amount we paid for it back considering it had a three year warranty.

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Its an awesome product! Must purchase! 

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Instructions were hard to follow but at least the unit started up quickly.

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Warm Heater, Having some issues

The heater worked great but now it just clicks on and off every second unless its tilted.

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HZ-435 heater

This product worked great and warmed the master bedroom quite well; that is until it broke down when we tried to use it for a second season. We're currently in the process of trying to get Target to do something even if it's only a prorated return on the original price. We have purchased another of the same model and hopefully this one will last more than one season.

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I bought this heater from Target on 10/2012 because it looks compact, friendly, and durable. However, after working several times, it starts to making loud noises that can hardly be bearable. I am going to return it. 

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Poorly designed product

Had it for a few weeks and it already shuts off after about 5 minutes. Or it won't turn on. Fan isn't very powerful. Heat isn't circulated well. Wish I still had the receipt...

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Terrible product

I'm very unhappy with this heater. I've only had it 2 months but half the time it won't turn on or it shuts off even though the room is freezing. I'd return it but the store won't take it back after this amount of time.

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