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Honeywell Pro Series; All Metal Utility Heater Fan

Model Number: HZ-2110
Color: Charcoal Grey
Warranty: 5 Year Limited
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Get Heated In A Hurry

With the honeywell heater  HZ- 2110 I was amazed at how well and quick it heated my room up. I love the safety features. I have had my heater well over a year and it is still working great.......thanx

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Kaz/Honeywell Heat Giant
Second purchase. Solid construction. Does the job reliably. Excellent product. Highly recommend!
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Nice heater and appears well made. Works well on our back porch and shop ( we bought 2 of them ).

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Works as advertised. Does exactly what I expected.

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These heaters are great and long lasting. I've used Honeywell for years, and never have I been let  down.

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Good to go

We use this as one of the 2 heaters that we have in our outside well pump house.  It is energy efficient and does not require a lot of monkeying around to get the thermostat set correctly.....

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Adequate heater

I have had this heater just over a year and have been relatively happy with it.  In Texas, there are not a great deal of use for heat, but for about 2 months of the year, it is necessary.  I purchased this unit to provide some heat in my office which is poorly heated and has 2 outside walls with very large windows.  My office tends to get colder than most of the office and takes a long time to heat up, so I grabbed a portable heater at Walmart, and it happened to be the HZ2110.  From the beginning, it would NOT heat on Setting III, only one and and two.  On setting III, it would run for about a minute and shut off and the Caution light would pop up.  I am guessing it was a malfunction in the thermostat or some other minor part, but nonetheless it wasn't quite working right.  I began leaving the unit on Setting II instead, and in all reality, it was doing a perfectly acceptable job keeping my office warm enough.  This winter has been especially cold and I have really started to notice the deficiencies in not having Setting III available.  The warmth that is provided under Setting III, even for that minute is noticeably warmer than Setting II.  For that reason, I cannot give this 3 stars.  It simply doesn't work.  I should have returned this unit immediately and gotten a replacement, but I just never got around to it, and typically Winter is so quick in Texas, you blink and it's over.  Out of sight, out of mind, as the heater got moved into the closet, and forgotten about until the next winter.  By then, Walmart had stopped carrying them and it was a moot point.  At this point, I am going to have to search for some replacement parts unless the company is willing to replace the unit for an adequate replacement.  

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Utility Heater
Replacement for my Ceramic heater,it stopped working after a year and a half,waiting over two months and numerous phone calls for one that lasts and works,not a product or company I would recommend.
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