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EnergySmart® Oscillating Whole Room Heater

Model Number: HZ-8000
Dimensions: 10" x 7" x 19" in
Warranty: 3 Year Limited
Price: 69.99
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Will not use until fall.  Alll honeywell products we have used over the years  have been good.

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Looks Good
Looks sturdy and fits needs getting colder but not enought yet. By passed cheaper one at Canadian Tire too confusing to use. Bought this at London Drugs regular $70 got for $50. Everything works I tried it out like the knob instead of button, just the right unobtrusive size too. "Remote for 5 stars"
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Bought 2
I bought 2 of these heaters at the same time one for the person above relative who lives with me, they are individually marked and photo'd. Thanks Patricia Stevens bought both at London Drugs Nanaimo BC same $50 sale price
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So pleased with Honeywell whole room energy smart heater.....it is very quiet ...very very light weight making it easy to move with the well designed handle.....great warming.....I will be sure to purchase again if in need
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Heater is nice re: heat distribution & temperature regulation although a tad noisy & a bit tardy getting up to temperature adjustment. So far it does not appear to overheat like the HZ-725 although I have only had it for one month. 


HZ-725 gave very good heat but malfunctioned within a year.

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Pretty Good

The only criticism is that you cannot wipe out the unit from dust accumitation.

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5 Star Heater, 1 Star Oscillator

The heater works well. It heats a medium room fairly quickly and the fan is relatively quiet. Unfortunately, the oscillating feature stopped after brief use and will not resume. I have only had the product two days so we will see if Best Buy will swap it for a new one. 

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