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Surround Heat™ Heater

Model Number: HZ-0364U
Dimensions: 10" x 9" x 12"
Color: White
Warranty: 3 year limited warranty
Price: 34.99
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I was freezing earlier this winter until Igot my nifty little space heater from Kaz Inc.Now i"m toasty warm in my little cubicle at work.Kaz Inc's heaters are a "HOT ITEM".Thanks Kaz.

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Great Little Heater
Bought this unit to heat bathroom on cold mornings and it is doing a great job. No more chilly showers!
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A Great Heater
My girlfriend and I bought this heater for our small bedroom and it works great. Definitely recommend it for anybody looking to heat up a smallish room.
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works really well

I purchased this unit to use for a medium sized room. It works wonderfully. The heat level can run you out of the room. But, make sure you are buying a unit big enough to heat your space.

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Works well, We like it. 

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it small and keeps my kids room very comfortable. I purchased four. They come in different colors too. Must have.

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Not Quite Warm Enough

The unit stated it would warm a medium sized room. However, it would not adequately warm our bathroom. I did keep it for the guest bathroom, but purchased the HZ-435.

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re: Heater

At first when I bought the Item I loved because it heated up my room quicky. Now the heater is not heating up the room and it shuts down.  I would like to know if someone can refereal me in where I can get a replacement

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malfunctions often

The Honeywell 360 Surround Heat does a decent job of heating a small room.  I have used it frequently and I like the automatic shut off feature for when the unit gets knocked over.  It is effective in lowering your heating costs and it can give off heat quickly as well. I like the small size and its easy to transport from room to room.  I am very disappointed that after only having the heating unit for a little over a year that it regularly shuts off after its on for a couple minutes.  I've been able to have the unit on for hours and now the motor device shuts down at every use and does not give off heat.  I like this space heater, but since I'm having issues with it I will likely go with another brand.

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Doesnt Work!!!

If i could give a 0 i would!! Did not even have the heater 2 weeks and maybe used it three times inside in a bedroom that doesnt get as warm as the rest of the house and it just wouldnt turn on one time and hasnt since. Beware of this product, used 3 times in 2 weeks for small amounts of time then quite working!!

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Works 1 year then junk

Worked one winter as a back up for the bathroom. Not used every day but only on the coldest nights only during shower time.

Used two months out of the winter maybe twenty five times to take the room chill off. Worked fine for that every time till this winter ,

and switch froze up , turns and clicks but no contact. Wont buy another one as it does not last more than two months!

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Honeywell Surround Heat

I just bought my honeywell surround heater and my fan doesn't work anymore. I don't know why. I turned on the heater for a couple of minutes and then it clicked off. Now when I plug it in, it won't work. Please help.

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Does not work

I only had for a couple of months before it stopped working.

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