Honeywell Quick Heat Low Profile Heater
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: HZ-617C
Product ID: 9ca72bf72d9459a2b6c7701938fc3ce4
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Honeywell Quick Heat Low Profile Heater - Black

Model Number: HZ-617C
Dimensions: 27.60" x 5.50" x 11.60" in
Color: Black
Warranty: 3 Year Limited
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Silent heating Compact, low profile design Adjustable thermostat maintains desired temperature Two heat settings: High to low Blast option for additional power Safety matters technology includes: SafeGuard Alert Badge Auto-off Hi limit switch Motor thermal cut off fuse Back up thermal circuit breaker 3 prong grounded plug Power light Flame resistant plastic Available at: Holland Imports, Irly, Rona, Staples, and fine retailers
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Customer Reviews

Honeywell Quick Heat Low Profile Heater - Black
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Looks like a good product. Well documented in the owner's manual Time will tell.
Honeywell HZ-617C
The heater heats up the room pretty fast. I like it and most likely will buy another one as a gift for my mom.
Good heater but died soon

I got this as an exchange for another honeywell heater, which stopped working after 2 months of use this winter. This did a pretty good job of heating up our basement bedroom, but even this has now stopped working after about a month of getting it. If I switched it off, turned it upside down, it would start working for some time, but shut off by itself after some time. Its not the thermostat setting or the overheat cut off protection which is causing it but ....just faulty workmanship.....Very disappointed at honeywell products at least at room heaters.. I would not recommed it to anyone, because It will not last.

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