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EnergySmart® Infrared Heater

Model Number: HZ-970
Dimensions: 18" x 16" x 19" in
Color: White
Room Size: Whole Room
Speeds: 2
Warranty: 3 year limited warranty
Price: 179.99
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Awesome Heater

Love the new heater we purchased for our family room. It's  very quiet and does a wonderful job of heating the room. Easy to use and understand, nice style to the cabinate fits in with all the other furniture in the room.  Easy to read digital controls. HIghly recommend this heater for any application where it may be hard to bring the room up to a comfortable temp. 

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Love my new Heater

I love the white color, the features which show current temp., energy usage status, the size of unit and it has a timer which allows you to choose a shut off time.  My sister also bought one on my recommendation for those same reasons.  It also comes in a black for those who perfer that color.

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Infrared space heater

This heater does generate plenty of heat, but it is very hard to set a constant temperature - even using "constant heat" settings.

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Excellent Heater

I live in a small studio and I went through some trouble trying to find a heater that worked. The trouble was medium-large room heaters were not strong enough to heat my studio suffiicently. I was going to buy two large room heaters but then I found this Honeywell heater. I had previously seen something similar at Home Depot for $300.00 and didn't buy it because of the expense. On sale this heater was $150.00 and I thought I would give it a try.

Review: This heater is sufficient for my studio. I am able to heat the entire studio so that when I am anywhere (e.g., kitchen, couch, table, bed) I feel a fairly steady temperature. When it is 30 F outside this heater is able to heat my studio to 55 F on high. When it is 50 F outside I can heat my studio up to a nice temperature where I don't even notice the cold. I really don't like the cold weather and this heater has satisfied me.

Downside: It would be nice if it could keep my studio 70 F no matter what, but I would need two of these to do that.

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georges heater

So far this has been a great heater,thanks a lot.

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So far so good

Heater started up, and you could feel the difference in the room within a short amount of time.  Minimal "burning oil" smell that I had heard was common with similar heaters.  The real test will come this winter when the temps drop again and I'm able to watch and compare the power and heating bills.

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Nice heater, but has some issues

The heater is wonderful at it's intended purpose, but it has some relabiility issues. I have owned the heater for two months and it has struggled to turn on it at times. Recently, the heater has just entirely stopped working. It is shame, because the heater has been great for heating our small basement.

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