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QuietSet™ 16" Stand Fan

Model Number: HS-1665
Dimensions: 23" x 7" x 22" in
Color: White
Room Size: Large
Speeds: 5
Price: 49.99
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Easy to assemble...nice styling...quiet running...love it....would like to buy a second remote control but don't know where to go ?
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Old Tom
I purchased this fan after searching the net for floor stand fans. This unit is very quiet, makes lest noise on high than my box fan makes on low. I liked this fan so much that I bought a second one 4 days later.
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Fabulous Fan

I love this fan!  It was easy to assemble, is quiet and puts off a great breeze!  I would definitely reccomend it.  

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Silence at last

It is a pleasure to have a quiet fan with a remote control.  It works great along with air conditioning. I have it in a large open area in my home.  Your customer service dept. is super fast with shipping.

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Honeywell fan

The fan is just what I wanted.  It is easy to use and the remote control makes it easy to control without getting up and down.


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Nice fan and quite.I thought the price was too high.

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Fan is great.  Quiet. Remote is super.  Only 1 problem:  on/off light is sooo bright I had to tape cardboard over it.  Kept me awake. 

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great product

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Honeywell QuietSet 16" Stand Fan

Great product. High Performance fan. Lasts a lifetime.

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Honeywell floor fan

The best I have ever used.  Quiet running, nice rotation, great circulation.

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very quiet
Its the quietest fan ive found.
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Great Product

I bought this fan for my Mom - she loves it so I bought one for myself. It's quiet and puts out a lot of air. The remote control and timer is also very nice. I highly recommend this fan.

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Best ever

I have only bought Honeywell fans for the last 50 yrs.  I do so because i never have a problem with them & they run for yrs.  I will only buy Honeywell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Trusted Brand

Honeywell has been a trusted brand in my family for years. This is my first purchase of a pedestal fan from Honeywell brand and I chose thise brand because I know it's dependable.

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Our Air conditioning had a problem and we needed something really fast.  We sellected this fan out of others is a store and we are very pleased with it.  This fan works really well and quietly.  It was very easy to assemble and for our surprise it has a remote control.It could not get any better.  We highly recommend this fan.

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Great fan with a lot of features.

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HS-1665 Quietset Stand Fan

Over the years, I've had many whole room stand fans.  The HS-1665 surpasses them all.  Ease of installation, quietness, power and remote capability make this the fan to buy. Great product.

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The Fan Works Great
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Fan HS1665
Just got so haven't had a chance to use. Got this model for two reasons. It has 5 speeds and has a remote.
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More Angle
I wish it would oscillate a full 90 degrees.
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Pretty Good
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Nice fan! It's so nice that this is my second one! I had such good lucky with the first one I bought about 7 months ago I want another for my Mancave. The remote works very well when I don't feel like getting up. The timer feature works very well also when i want to take a nap in the recliner. For the money I would give this fan a solid 4 stars! About the only way to improve on this one would be: put a larger motor in it to create more "Fan" action.


Best  regards


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This is the Quiettest fan I ever had, even at the highest speed. It really moves the air nicely at the lowest speed. The wireless remote is great.

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Decent Fan, Bad Warranty Conditions

Pros: nice looking fan; is quiet even at high speed; has 5 speeds, not just the typical 3; good carrying handle; runs well, I have ran it non-stop at highest speed for 5 days in a row in a hot garage.
Cons: assembly instructions and drawings need improvement (more detailed instructions and larger drawings); they need to come up with a better way to attach the front and rear grills together, the clips are difficult to align and fasten (at one point I had to use 2 pairs of pliers at once to get and keep the grills aligned while trying to fasten two of the clips); base is too light, need to add wieght to it; warranty: is too short (only one year), and you don't find out until after buying, opening the box, and reading the owners manual that after the store exchange/return period is over, you have to pay to ship it to them AND you have to send them $10 for "handling, return packing and shipping charges" to ship it back to you if defective!!!  If a product breaks or is defective, I think that all companies should pay for shipping it to them and for shipping it back to you.  I don't think I'll ever buy a Honeywell/Kaz product again if that's their policy on all products. 

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honeywell quiteset stand fan
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quality of product
I just purchased the quiet set whole room stand fan. I am quite disapointed in the overall value for the price of the product. I was surprised at the weight and stability of the base and the simple features such as the extension pole. It does not compare to another fan that I just recently purchased for $10 more and the other fan has a five year warranty compared to this one with only one.
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Fan died after 3 months, worked great before that
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the thing i have to say is that the clips that holds the front grill to the back one is hard to release. i do not no why. i never had that with other fans i'ved had. but, the fan a good one so far. i just put it together today 7-4-11.
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Malfunctioned after a few months
This product malfunctioned this month, only 3 months. We need help with this issue.
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Faulty Parts

Purchased fan for general air circulation at home & found that remote did not work (batteries good).  Called customer service & was advised that new remote would be sent out ASAP via UPS & should receive same within 3 days.  Still waiting. 

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This fan is wonderfully quiet but I just put it together even thou is was purchased at the end of March because my daughter needed a fan and I thought I would get it because it appeared to be a closeout item and I wanted to get one of myself and later purchased one for my granddaughter.  I do not use a fan until the summer months so I did not put it together until June and now I  tried to turn it on this afternoon and nothing happened.  We tried to change the fuse in the cord in the event that it was a bad fuse and that did nothing.  I am unhappy because this would be a fantastic fan.  Normally the quality of Honeywell fans is fantastic and they stand up to a lot of use.  I will be contacting the company tomorrow to find out the fix.  

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Assembly and Remote
Directions were poor.Common sense, however, prevailed. Fan cover does not close; closers are far too tight making the fan a hazzard and an inability to remove the cover for cleaning. Remote does not work. You need to go back to the drawing board. Would NOT reccommend
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my fan is not working correctly
If it is started, it takes 10 minutes or so for the blades to begin rotating. The fan then works normally. For first 4 months it worked perfectly starting as soon as power was activated. The light is on and it does not smell hot. It was past the 90 day warranty limit with Target, thus they will not replace this fan. I am very unhappy with this product to say the least.
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QuietSet 16" Stand Fan
We purchased this fan in June 2011 to help cool off the living area. The fan is really quiet, but it stopped working after a few months.
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Flop of a Fan

After one year of owning this fan, the blades stopped spinning when the power was on. Every once in a while, the blades will turn, but the fan makes a horrible noise. Very disappointed!!!

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The fan itself seems adequate but the base is VERY wobbly.  I have an old Lasko fan with a weighted base witch worked with my Honeywell fan, otherwise this would be a return.  I am disappointed.  I thought at this price point I would be getting better quality.

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