The powerful 3 speed high velocity floor fan is equipped with a powerful wind generator blade and 90 degree pivoting fan head.
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: HF-810
Product ID: 70751e5ceab1964bdb30e72c6d05366f
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Mega Turbo High Velocity Floor Fan

Model Number: HF-810
Category: Fans
Color: Black
Warranty: 5 Year limited
Price: $44.99
Sale Price: 39.99
Save: $5.00 (11% off)
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The aerodynamic wind tunnel design coupled with a high velocity wind generator blade make this fan a powerful cooling option for hot summer days. Equipped with a:

  • High intensity 3 speed motor
  • 90 degree pivot for use as an air circulator or for fast focused cooling
  • Top-mounted child-resistant speed control
  • Convenient carrying handle
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Customer Reviews

Mega Turbo High Velocity Floor Fan
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Mega Turbo High Velocity Fan

This fan is great and very powerful, but there's no way to disassemble to clean the inside and blades.


different in fans honeywell HF-810 

1. great air movement 2. pleasant sound for the force 3. 5yrs limited warrant! (I have brought box fans for yrs & yrs to only last 12-18 months.)  I recommend this Honeywell HF-810  fan for under $50 Bang for the Buck should be a winner.  I Will use almost daily, spring thru fall, and I live in the deep south. One drawback is small ring to select fan speed could be a problem for some.  Total power usage max 144 watts on highest setting.


if you like to sleep with a fan...this is it. atleast by todays standard''s of a fan.

awesome air movement, good sound...could be a little louder for my taste...but very, very good.

only complaint is control knob is a little annoying....should just be-able to turn to desired setting, but have to push down and turn. not sure why...but can live, with for what it delivers.

i''m sure it delivers on it''s intended purpose...air movement...but delivers much better in the bedroom, compared to todays box fan.

my girlfriend and i both love it! enjoy


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