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Air Filtering Comfort Control Tower Fan with Remote Control

Model Number: HY-041W
Dimensions: 11" x 8" x 33"
Color: White
Speeds: 3
Warranty: 5 year limited warranty
Price: 54.99
Sale Price: 44.99
Save: $10.00 (18% off)
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Love the fan . It is quiet and moves a lot of air. Will say it is a great dorm room buy.


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Who needs ceiling fans?

Upon moving to an apartment lacking ceiling fans (and in Texas no less), I decided to buy two stand alone cooling towers (one for the living room and one for our master bedroom). I decided upon Honeywell because I knew of the company and the price was right! I am ESTATIC about my purchase. Not only do they not require filters (you can take off the back and give it a quick rinse), but they also make a room very cold! My husband prefers the Breeze setting which goes between either low and off, low and medium, and medium and high as it blows. It is also remote controlled and has a nice little magnetic home for the remote at the top of the tower (so you're never wondering where you put that darn thing). I am very satisfied with my purchase and hope to have these for many years to come.

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Another great fan by Honeywell!!

I love this fan! It has been hotter than two bowls of soup in the Northwest the past week and this fan has done an amazing job of moving my AC around the house! I turned my thermostat to 75 degrees (it's normally at 70) to try and give the AC unit a break in this 100 degree weather and I can barely tell the difference in temperature because I have this fan sitting directly in front of my floor AC vent! What a great way to circulate the AC in my house and save some money on my electric bill when the temperatures are sweltering!! I find this fan to be average when it comes to noise, but it does move a lot of air on High. The oscillation feature is great at helping move the cool air to a greater area too. I have other Honeywell Fans (HT-908, HT-800 & HW-628) in my house moving the air too and they are all of the highest quality. Exactly what I would expect from Honeywell.

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This Honeywell fan is FANtastic!  It is quiet, has several settings, and does the job better than any fan I've ever owned.  I'd recommend to everyone!

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It's Perfect!

We purchased two of these to replace the very dusty and poorly operating table fans that our two boys use each night. This is absolutely perfect! It's quiet, yet provides a perfect amount of "white noise"...it has a nice breeze to it, without being noisy. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a nice room fan. 

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great tower fan

I have had this fan for almost a month now. It was very simple to put together, just had to snap base onto it. the remote works with no problem, it is football shaped and took a min to get used to. I have had other types of tower fans, but with this one I have only had to use the low setting while with the others I had to use high setting to get this much air to blow out. It keeps my room cool and I have not had to use the air conditioner yet. It is not totally quiet but yet it does not distract from hearing the tv, which is hard for me to hear anyhow. I totally recommend this fan and will look forward to purchase this brand again when the need arises; except next time I would like to get a digital one where you can set the temperature. I have nothing negative to say about this fan.

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Excellent fan

Purchased this fan for a medium sized room. Its perfect for the needs and works very well. Having the remote control is very convinient to activate the fan in different modes. Also in comparison to other similar products elsewhere, this is reasonably priced and serves the purpose very well.

The product lighter in weight compared to previous models and more wider base.

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Great fan

We really like this fan.  It has enough settings to make the rooms comfortable and still be quiet.  It is our second one and the only brand we have found that suits our needs and works good.  Some of the tower fans we checked out had not enough cooling power for our needs.  So far we are happy with this product .

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highly recommend kaz
To whom it may concern: My experience with Kaz was very professional. My ordered came promptly as they said and I am so pleased with the honeywell hy-014w tower fan...love it! I would recommend Kaz 100%. Thanks Kaz, Cherie Gillespie
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I do like this fan but...

While I very much enjoy this fan, I recently had to buy one to replace the first one I owned...

 The owner's manual warns you that for best stability do not install the extra plastic extension. Specifically, it says: Product is most stable when pedestal extender is not used.

Well sure enough the fan tower is not as stable with that add-on, and it got knocked over one day. Hit the floor and it cracked the base of the fan assembly, with the tabs and slots???... well I looked and tried but there was just no way to save it... it was toasted, unfortunately, so I ordered another and this time I did NOT use the plastic pedestal extender add-on. I find the fan works just as well without it, and, frankly, without that it is a lot harder to knock over. Nearly impossible, it would take considerable effort.

recently decided to order a third one because I like this model so much that I 

want another one in a different room and I don't care to unplug one and carry it from room to room.

Kaz (and their specials!) makes the price so reasonable, it was just as easy to order another one for another room.

I very much like the timer feature as well, wonderful on hot summer nights when you are trying to sleep but don't want it running all night long.


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This Honeywell Tower Fan is exactly what I wanted.  I like the remote control so that I can adjust the power, the oscillation, or turn it off from where I sit.  With the oscillator functioning it does a pretty good job of keeping the whole room cool.

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Exactly what I wanted
This is just what I wanted. Since receiving it I've greatly reduced the use of my central air which has been very costly. The fan does a good job in cooling my whole living room, however at times when it's excessively hot (especially in mid-afternoon) I use my air conditioning on a setting that's lower than usual (higher temperature) in conjunction with my fan. The fan even seems to minimizes the humidity, which I hate; I think the circulation helps to rid the air of some of the moisture. I'm looking forward to seeing my next electric bill to find out how much I'm saving.
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Great fan

I am pleased that I purchased this fan. It has some great features like breeze setttings, programing and icludes a remote control. For the price it is a great buy.

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Buying experience

The whole online buying experience with Kaz.com was wonderful starting from selecting product online, shipping and receiving the order and finally installing and using the product.  It was a world-class service and product that you offer consumers!

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This Fan is Awesome

I am pleased with this fan. I feel that it is a great value and it is of good quaility. I like the brezze function as it rotates from the 3 different fan speeds. I've had servel people ask me where I got this unit..... I would recomend buying this fan for cerculating air in any room.

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Honeywell Air Filtering Comfort Control Tower Fan with Remote Control

Order went smooth & was delivered promptly & love the fans, so far.

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Ms T

The fan has many features for the price. Including the remote control, timer and breeze settings.

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Best ever

This is the best fan I have ever purchased. 

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Tower Fan---HY-041

I orderd  this fan on 4/2/12, I think I'm going to like it so far. Assembly was easy, use started on 5/29/12 . So far I'ts a Thumbs Up! for the Price.

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The Best

The reviews were read about the Honeywell fan were right on target.  We googled best tower fans and the Honeywell fan was at the top of the list.  It is everything the review said it would be.  Most importantly -- QUIET --  amazingly so.  Five or six fan speeds which come in handly and a timer (which we have not used yet.).  Overall and in summary, the Honeywell tower fans are fantastic.  We bouoght two to start with and would be buy and recommend this product to  anyone who asks.

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Sleep help
This fan has helped me sleep after many years of troubled sleep. The ability to set eight hours of run time let's me relax with a slight breeze and some white noise to ease me into sleep. A secondary benefit - my dogs know when the fan is on they are not to bother me unless there is an emergency. Therefore, I can even get a nap when I need it. My only problem is that the washers which hold the top to the base have shrunk this summer and the unit has come apart. There's no where on the website to find parts.
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a little loud

 I have other Honeywell products at home and they all do what they say they are going to do. The only thing that would be a great improvment is noise reduction. All Honeywell air products seem to be loud. 

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Good Fan

This is a very good fan, but it can be  a little noisy. It moves air very well, and I like all of the features with the breeze option.

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honeywell fan

This fan is great with the remote, however I had to take it apart to fix the push buttons, as they were not inserted in the openings properly and would not work,,,good thing it didn't happen to someone who would not know how to take it apart,,

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tower fan

Purchased 3 fans about a month ago. They help keep the home cool. They were easy to assemble. Was and still a little concerned about the base of the fans, they are plastic, light weight, Just hope they durable. I do move the fans around quite a bit so once again, everthing is plastic. I question how durable they will be. The remote feature is nice, especailly when in bed, although one remote doesn't work everytime. Gonna try new batteries. I would recommed them to family and friends. In fact I am going to order 1 or 2 for my mom's house.


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Honeywell Tower Fan

Prompt Delivery.  Works Fine.  Seems to be of slightly lesser quality than the same product which I purchased from Target Stores a few years ago?

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Tower Fan

 Summer is over and I cannot speak to use durning summer's heat, but since I cook at night and the kitchen get's a little overheated, the fan helps keep the kitchen cool.

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Good Fan

I have had this fan for a few years now and enjoy it.  We had a west facing bedroom when we purchased it and this fan saved us.  It's now starting to wear out, but I hope to get it replaced under the warranty.

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Too noisey on low fan speed

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shoddy packing
The fan arrived in timely fashion, just 3 days after I ordered it. However, it arrived in an inappropriately large box with poor packaging and there was a large 6"x4" gash in the packaging box and product box. Fortunately the fan appears unblemished and is presently working. Hopefully it stays that way
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