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18" Commercial Grade Stand Fan

Model Number: HV-181
Color: Black
Warranty: 5 Year limited
Price: 79.99
Sale Price: 69.99
Save: $10.00 (12% off)
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honeywell fan hv-181
I previously owned a Honeywell commercial grade fan and it worked great & lasted years.So my first choice when I needed another one that would last, was Honeywell!
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Great Shipping and product

The product I wanted, delivery within ten days, it was here in four.  What I wanted for a great price and shipping in half the time advertised.  Awesome.

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Comment on review
Honeywell HV-181 standing fan

As a general statement, I love Honeywell fans. They are always made to last and had improved from year to year. They are the ONLY fans I buy and have bought for as long as I''ve been an adult, but they have been harder and harder to find. I detest cheap, flimsy fans.

Re: the HV-181 standing, commercial grade fan: (1) The Kaz web site neglected to mention the weight of the fan. As a commercial grade product, it probably was made to withstand being hit with forklifts without being knocked over easily or being bent/destroyed. Conservatively, it weighs ~50 pounds. [For the aging public, it would probably been helpful for the web site to mention the weight because it is a BIG, TALL, HEAVY FAN. (I''m 5''7", and it''s almost as tall as me.)] (2) It has the wind velocity of a jet engine with a lesser but no less striking sound (decibel-wise). It''s fine for me, but if a person wanted to use it to lull themselves to sleep, they may have difficulty. (3) When I examined my fan, I realized that, unlike all my other Honeywell fans, there was no way to easily clean the blades of the fan. It has bolts at the 3 & 9 o''clock positions that can be unscrewed with socket wrenches; however, there are also small, rubber-covered radially extending wires of the front fan face at the 12, 4, & 8 clock positions and two plastic zip-ties at the 10 and 2:30 clock positions, probably to stop rattling. (4) The original packaging of the fan--I don''t know who was responsible for packaging, but they obviously had no idea of what they were doing. They put oddly-shaped (pointy) pieces in breakdown that were heavy as an anvil into a Trisket crackerbox thin cardboard and expected it to survive multiple shipments. I was lucky enough to have free shipping for this monolith of a fan, but when the order was delivered, I received it in a crushed, plain (2-ply) cardboard box that was OBVIOUSLY NOT the original box. Because of the condition of the box, I had my spouse videotape me opening the box--just in case. There were no foam inserts and hardware (screws) & base pole were missing. The base, the fan body, and the top section holding it were in plastic bags thrown in the box with a shipping label that had been obviously cut off of the original box and stuck onto the plain cardboard box. My spouse and I guessed that the fan''s original box had fallen apart on the shipper, who, desperately trying to make the delivery, repackaged it with what he could find, cut the label off the original box and taped it onto the 2nd, but even the 2-ply box was not sufficient and was crushed before reaching us. At this point, I e-mailed the Kaz/Honeywell company and let them know what I had received. Kaz e-mailed back quickly that they were handling it, and in the time it would have taken any other company to even respond to my e-mail, I had received a 2nd fan, in the original box, barely intact, but with ALL the pieces. In all, despite the blip, Kaz and their rep made me whole.

Kaz''s customer service: impressive. I truly believe the gentleman in the other e-mail did not get his parts because they may have run out. When I got the 1st fan, I had been worried that they would advise me to go to a hardware store to get the screws, but would have been left with a 3-foot fan. All I know is they hustled to complete my problem order, as fast as humanly possible. As a lightening rod for problems, I have become a realist/pessimist, but with Kaz, I never have to worry. Faith and trust are something I don''t have a lot of in ordering via the internet, but I have faith in this company and trust enough to order from them again. They seem to have something lacking in most others, a sense of corporate responsibility, eh?

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Not complete


Purchased item was in a box which seemed to be opened and resealed, numerous items were missing. Called a representative who although helpful was in a hurry and did not pay close attention the the list of missing components. When the replacement parts shipment arrived the base extension and associated hardware were not included. Called once again, and another helpful representative listened to my concern and was able to locate the missing base extension. However was unable to locate associated hardware. This hardware is still being sought. I am sure the representative was attempting to be helpful, but his recommendation to buy the required hardware at Home Depot was not appropriate. My purchase should be complete and contain all the part required to assemble the product. I assume the product will function properly.

Very unsatisfactory purchase,


Ruben B Granados Sr.

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