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Wide Breeze Cooling 16" Oscillating Stand Fan

Model Number: HS-1751
Dimensions: 18" x 7" x 22"
Color: Black
Speeds: 3
Warranty: 3 year limited warranty
Price: 39.99
Sale Price: 29.99
Save: $10.00 (25% off)
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Telecommunications Analyst

This is an excellant fan, it's powerful yet quiet.

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honeywell stand fan

this fan is really nice for the price. I put it together okay. it could be a bit easier as to the poles part,but I got it. it is quiet and sturdy. seems to have a good output also. I use it in my living area . to aid the central air as the living room doesn't have air conditioner vent, it is over the dining area door, the vent is. so the living area needs help with air conduction.

bottom line, it is a great fan at a great price. I recommend it highly.

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That's what you get for $3.99 shipping.

Boy were the boxes mangled.  Tons of extra tape made me think that the fans were store returns.

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When I got the Fan delivered my nephew came over to help me put it together. When we opened the box we discovered the fan blade cracked and broken.  The box it came in was a bit beat up and the box looked as if it had been opened before.  My nephew put it together thinking we could get a new fan blade sent to us. But when we plugged it in, it did not work, run, whatever.  We tried a different outlet but it didn't work there either.

To be honest, I have purchesed $15 dollar stand fans that were more study than this one that cost twice as much and didn't work.

I contacted Kaz and they sent me a return label and I am about to return it.  I would have returned it sooner but ended up in the hospital and had to have an operation.

I though Honeywell would be a good brand to buy but I am very disappointed.  I just want my money back and will purchase another $15 fan that works.


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