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Digital Tower Fan with Air Freshening Ionizer in White

Model Number: EFY-047W
Dimensions: 17" x " x 34" in
Color: White with Warm Grey Accents
Warranty: 5 Year limited
Price: 64.99
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Love this fan!

Gift from my mother...she raved about it...she recently died of Pancreatic Cancer and this fan aided her during her suffering...I cannot thank you enough...I just need the manual because I am unable to locate this particular PDF file on your website for my fan.

Thank you


The remote/flashlight works great and is perfect for bed ridden patient. The controls are easy to use. There is confusion sometimes when setting for the Oscillating and the IONIZER and that is why I want a manual to read about this. I like it to oscillate sometimes...and I think its best to keep ionizer on all the time no?..

the temp control is wonderful concept..but I need manual to help me learn to set it properly...I have been using fan just basic controls but I want to learn more about the operations and what else I can do. I especially need to know how to clean properly!

The breeze seems like it would be something I would want to use but I only tried it once and did not like the noise and stop & go of it...

using the fan at night...the lights can be too bright for dark room...I sometimes try to put something like a sock over the top but it will fall when fan oscillates..

I like to sleep in a cave atmosphere...it does offer decent white noise for sleeping...

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