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Window Safe Personal Fan, Ivory

Model Number: DB-101
Color: Ivory
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Price: 16.99
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I love this fan
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Save on Air Conditioning
I think the fan is one of the best I have ever owned.I have one other that lasted for years and has good air flow and I hope this one lasts. All the others lasted one season and its not because I don't take care of them. I clean them every few weeks. I like the the dual fans on this one and it cools the room very quickly. It should save on air conditioning this summer.
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So far so good
The air conditioner in the office I work at went out and so I bought a few honeywell fans and they have been a HUGE help!
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I think that this item is one great little fan, for it does the trick of keeping a room very comfortable. I have one already and it wors beautifully so when my older fan recenlty quit working I just wen right out and purchased another circulator.

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Best fan for a bedroom. Easy to assemble. Very satisfied!
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Great fan!

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nice fans really quite & the febreze adds a nice a clean sent to the room & keep the room cool

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Turbo Force Circulator

Very efficient..lightweight, easy to carry, quiet.   A great product!

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Duracraft fab review

Perfect size portable fan.  My husband uses when we travel.  Good output for size and well made for the price.

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Bought 2 of these fans after seeing it at a friends house. Would defintely recommend this product

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best fan i ever purchases . pump's the air so fast over my hot light . high wind's a blowin' ya ,, thanks for your technology .

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good products
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Good fan for the money
I like the wide range of cooling settings, especially the "white noise" which I like for sleeping. The timer is nice, too. Does a good job of keeping things cool.
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This is my first purchase of a standing fan like this. I am truly amazed with it performance. I have always had window, box or stand up osculating fans and this fan out does them all by far!
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I have been a fan of your fan
I own your electric fan model HT800 series (made in China)and have been well pleased with it until this evening when I attempted to turn it on and found that the motor was seized! I hope you can warranty this fan for it has performed well. Don Worthen
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Nice fan

My wife and I have been wanting a fan to circulate the air in our bedroom on warm summer evenings. We saw this fan in a Target store at a reduced price and bought it. Works well to circulate air in the room at night. Only complaint: The remote control was NOT included. I shall be contacting Kaz about this oversight.

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Missing screws

Disregard my previous letter.i found that this fan differs from one that I already had. I don't need wing nut screws.


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This fan is wonderful, nice and quiet and small takes up no space at all

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Great Table Top Fan

Fan works great for small rooms.  It is quiet and the febreeze scent smells awesome! 

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No sleepless nits
great fan very quiet can sleep all night.
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QuietSet Fan
We just purchased a QuietSet whole Room Stand Fan for the bedroom and are impressed. The fan is very quiet on low settings and yet has a powerful air flow to keep us comfortable and able to sleep.
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Good fan
This fan is quiet and blows a lot of air.
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good air freshner

I just purchased this product so I will leave my comment contigent on the fact of how long the scent smells in the room and how long it works without out malfunction.

But so far so good!

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quiet fan
I ran out to buy this fan when our air went out, my husband hates the fan sound so I bought the quiet fan.. Not so quiet! Also after a week it stopped working. Happy to say my air was fixed.
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My Fan Stop Working Iam very unhappy with the product
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Ya'll Lied

To Whom It May Concern,

I bought the Black Round Floor Fan, and the description said Loud Sounding Fan, That Is so not true. The reason I bought it was for the noise. I am very dis-pleased. I am on disability and I don't have but so much money and I trusted your company to satisfy my needs. Totally Disappointed.



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