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Duracraft Comfort Control Oscillating Tower Fan

Model Number: DY-012
Price: 32.99
Sale Price: 27.99
Save: $5.00 (15% off)
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Tower fans
I bought 2 yesterday and so far so good. Nice and quiet and easy operation.
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Best tower fan

This is the second DY- 012-C fan we have purchased.

The first one has lasted 5 years and is still quiet and efficient as the day I unpacked it.  We bought this one for our daughter and expect the same service from it. 

The cost is small and more expensive models have failed to give good service or were noiser in operation.

KAZ.com is the most efficient way to order even if retailers are out of stock.

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tower fan
I love the fan. It can be a little loud, but it works great and looks modern. Love it!
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Honeywell tower fan
I love this fan. It is not bulky and the slim line effect is just perfect. It is easy to carry about from room to room if I so desire and I can easily control the amount of cool air required.
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Great value for price
Inexpensive, compact, works great
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Fan is everything we wanted in air movement throughout the house.

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Quiet and pleasant, a little wobbly

This fan doesn't take up much space. It's quiet and provides a pleasant light breeze. The only drawback as I can see thus far (we've had it for about a week) is that when installed on the pedestal (which is optional) it is a little wobbly. This is depsite following the assembly instructions and screwing everything in tight. It doesn't seem to pose any problems to the fan's function. 

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Not Great
My mother in law purchased this for my husbands birthday. We get it out of the box and no screws where there. so now we have to find the correct screws so we can get the fan to start working.
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Honeywell tower fan
I bought two today. Just set up the 2nd while enjoying the effects of the first.I am well pleased and the beauty of the fan is it is quiet and very effective in cooling the air.
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Second summer (only) of use and it has completely quit. Why would I buy another ?
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