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QuietSet™ Whole Room Tower Fan

Model Number: HY-105
Dimensions: 11" x 8" x 33" in
Color: Black
Room Size: Medium to Large
Speeds: 8
Warranty: 1 year warranty
Price: 49.99
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Awesome. Yes!
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Quiet Set
Bought the HY 105 Quietset Whole Room Tower Fan and it cools a room and is very quiet which was what I was looking for. You don't even know it is on if it was for the fact you can see the color buttons. I recommend anyone to buy this especially for those who have a hard time sleeping
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Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan
I love my new fan! It was just what I was looking for to keep me cool over the summer months. And, it is very convenient for my needs.
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Really nice and quiet fan. Love the remote control and timer feature. Does a great job of cooling the room. Thank you
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great cooling
super quiet and great cooling power
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bought it because my Holmes fan which is only 1 year old is too noisy. this one has been nice and quiet so far.
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QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan
After shopping around for a Tower Fan, I have to returned 2 of them from another brand name due to false performance claimed on carton. I decided to try your QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan, wow, I am impressed for the Quiet of the fan and most of all the easy to use functions and the convenient of the Remote Control it is just a perfect 5 Stars product.Thanks I will continue to use this unit for a month, if it perform as it is right now.... I will buy another one for my other room. David
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Tower Fan Review
Nice, quiet, works very well.
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Excellent Fan
I love my new Honeywell HY-105 QuietSet Whole Room tower Fan! It puts out lots of quiet air and no fan noise to disturb T.V. or phone conversation. The remote is handy for controlling fan from across the room. The tall tower is ideal for small areas and space saving. Great product!
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whole room tower fan
This is the first time I purchased a fan from Honeywell, I have always bought thermostats but not fans. I thought it was easy to put together, and was very efficent and a room savor. I also liked the fact it had a remote control so that if you are in the kitchen or at your desk working you can adjust it without getting up. And it is very quiet and the price was good too. I will recommend this to my family and friends in the future.
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Great Fans
The fans we bought were excellent.
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LOVE it!
This was a birthday surprise for my wife. It replaced an old-style pedestal fan. She absolutely loves it. Takes up less space than the old one, and is MUCH quieter. Even when in oscillating mode, one scarcely knows it's there. Definitely pumps a lot of air without calling attention to itself.
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Very quiet.

I am very impressed w/the silence of this fan.  Awesome!!  The design is also very simple and 'clean'.

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I love this fan, but it stop working after a little over a year.

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Dept. Secretary

We're just waiting for a new pedestal assembly to be shipped to us so we can start this fan up in our office.  It was shipped with two of the same pieces for the assembly and they couldn't be snapped together.  We're anxious to see what the fan can do for us in cooling off our office....


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QuietSet Tower Fan

I bought this fan for my apartment bedroom.  The fan works perfect for circulating the air while I sleep.  I would recommend this product to a friend! 

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Really nice

Snap to put together, runs sooooo quite! Love

it. Will get another next spring.

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Awesome fan so far! Very quiet!
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very pleased its quite and cooling very good, will buy another one
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Quiet and efficient.
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power fan
just purchased the fan, seems very powerful. easy to assemble and user-friendly buttons. very satisfied
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Wish we could get the one with A/C, but can only be purchased in Canada.
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Quiet Set Tower Fan
We truly appreciate the quiet operation of this fan and convenience of remote control..this is replacement for failed product of another manu- facturer...it is far superior
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not a bad price; cool down the room

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New Fan

Own a table model Honeywell fan, thought I try the tower model for the living room area.

Looks good in the space, time will tell about the durability. I am very happy with the table model. Both have remotes. Very nice feature.



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This fan is pretty good so far. I love how quiet it is.
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nice fan
the quiet set feature is nice, the design is very elegant, the only downside for me is that there's no button in the remote control for the sleep mode, unlike the Holmes brand, the remote is very functional, and cost about $9-12 less this Honeywell, and works just as great. I hope the product designers take that into consideration next time, coz even the little details makes a lot of difference when it comes to decision making in buying a product.
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The HY 105 worked for approximately 2-3 weeks, then the ossollation stopped working. The biggest problem was that it took a much longer than a month and a lot of calls and emailt to get another one sent int the hottest part of yr.

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Jessica Gundrum
I loved the fan but it no longer works and we barely used it.
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Very Noisy

My fan is extremely noisy on the first and second level settings, only once i turn it up higher does the fan live up to its "quiet set" name. dissappointed.

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Fan Makes Noise!

I just bought a new Honeywell Tower Fan,  Model No. H-105-TGT, at a local Target store yesterday.  I brought it home, assembled it and turned it on.  It worked fine for about 20 minutes and then it start to make a loud rattling noise.  I need to have this fan replaced or know how to fix the noise.  Please let me know how you can help me.

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I purchased the HY-105 quietset fan that is not so quiet.  At first it worked great then all of a sudden it now makes a terrible squeaky, squeling noise when you turn it on. 

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