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VitalScan Plus BP1750 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Model Number: BP1750
Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 6" in
Color: Silver
Warranty: 5 year limited warranty
Price: 69.99
Sale Price: 39.99
Save: $30.00 (42% off)
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it is so user friendly. . .and a great price too. . . numbers are easy to read not to mention the cuff/wrist is also very conveient. .

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Braun Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Excellent product.  It works easy and really nice display of results. 

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Very good product

Easy to Use

Delivered On Time


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Braun wrist BP monitor

 I love it! It is quick, easy and convenient to use. Also gives pulse rate which I use as a baseline for my training regimen. Also stores BP readings to monitor over time. 

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blood pressure monitor


I purchased this item for my elderly mother.  She has been able to use it with ease and it has been accurate thus far.  It is a very practical gift especially for someone who may have trouble getting a cuff on.  Delivery quick.

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I like the product.  Easy to use and it gave me a peace of mind.  It is wonderful to monitor my own blood pressure without the need to go to the doctor unless I have to.  Thank you

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wrist blood pressure monitor

  I really like this product.  It is so much easier to use than the conventional machine.

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Good Machine

 We bought a storebrand wrist monitor and found was worthless so returned.  Saw this one and have been very happy with it.  Used the arm cuff one already had for first week plus to verify readings and also took to Dr office to compare readings - right in line with other readings.  Now feel confident using it and as small can easily fit into briefcase and take with me to work or if travelling easy to pack. Good buy and easy to use



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BP cuff
Really haven't had it that long to know how well it functions.
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blood pressure monitor

terrible-how dare you-I hope other people had better luck than I-it gave me a wrong reading-scared me to death-luckily my doc told me to buy a new one-everything is ok now.-ps I woulden't give it any stars-but of course their is no choice-later

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