Vicks® Pediatric Baby Rub Lavender, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus scented VapoPads provide soothing sleepy-time comfort for your baby. You can provide your baby with up to 8 hours of soothing comfort just by adding one scent pad to its vaporizer. Each reasonably-priced pack comes with 6 scent pads.
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: VBR-5
Product ID: 41447c76ae0ac75d8c5c98fe80804457
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Vicks Pediatric VapoPads

Model Number: VBR-5
Category: Humidifiers
Dimensions: 3.00" x 0.88" x 5.13" in
Price: $9.99
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Vicks® Soothing Sleepytime Lavender and Rosemary scented VapoPads provide up to 8 hours comfort per pad.  Each reasonably-priced pack comes with 6 scent pads.

  • Offers up to 8hrs of soothing sleepy time comfort per pad
  • Package includes 6 Vicks® Scent Pads
  • For use with some Vicks Waterless Vaporizers, Waterless Plug-Ins, and Vicks Humidifiers, including: V5100NS, V3900, V3500N, V4450, V4500, and V3700
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