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Honeywell® Universal Pre-filter

Model Number: 38002
Color: Black
Price: 17.99
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Air Cleaners

Products arrived in a timely manner well packaged and were able to put into the air cleaner, started up cleaner and all is well!!

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Universal Replacement Pre-Filter

Easy to instal. Good quality.

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Universal replacement pre-filter

Ordering process was easy and product was just what I needed,  I received it in record time. 

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Universal Replacement Pre-Filters

I have owned my Honeywell Room Air Filter for over two years and could not breathe easily without it.  I am grateful for all of the dust and cat dander that it removes from the air that I breathe.  I have ordered replacement filters several times from KAZ and will continue to do so in the future.  They do a great job getting them here on time and at the right price.  Thanks for making my life better and great service too. 

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I purchased this purifer unit off of amazon and the pre-filter was missing.  Thankfully Kaz was advertised in the paperwork for the machine.  It was easy and quick to order and in no time I had the filters and everything works great. Thanks for the quick and excellent service.

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Honeywell filter

Living near a busy parking lot in the city the Honeywell Air Purifier definitely comes in handy. I have had years of outstanding service from Honeywell and Kaz has been excellent in supplying the necessary air purification replacement parts for my heavily used filter. Keep up the great work.

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Great Serviced

This item arrived in good condition in what seemed like moments after I had placed the order...a nice pleasure under current business conditions where customer service sometimes seems like a lost art.

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I was very happy with the filters I received. Will do business with kaz/

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Quick and Easy

 The Pre-filter arrived quickly and came with clear instructions on how to install it. I had trouble reading the site to know which filter to get and called the customer service representative. She answered quickly and was very helpful.

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HEPA Pre-filter purchase

I've made Kaz's website one of my favorites. I always find the right size filters at the best prices. Ordering is simple and delivery is fast. Harde to ask for anything more when your shopping for filters of any size.

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Shoping site is easy to use. Delivery of product is fast and accurate. Very pleased.





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These are perfect filters!!!!  lov themWork seem to last a long time

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Honeywell Filter

We have used the air purifier for about 2 years now, and we love it...husband accidentally "washed" the filter instead of vacuuming it so we needed to replace it. Will continue using  :)

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filters and accessories

The filter I order was received in a timely manner and very easy to use.  The instructions were easy to understand and I would ceretainly continue to buy future filters from you.

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Excellent product

Filter does an excellent job of keeping the air free from dust and pollen.  

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Very Effective

We have a Honeywell air-cleaner for many years.

This pre-filter easily cuts to size to fit your air-cleaner,

and it comes with velcro tabs so you can secure it

in place.  I was amazed at how much dust this filter

traps, when I first changed our filter.

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Pre Filter

product seems to be working well and was easy to use!

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pre-filter replacement
Very, very satisfied with product. Much better than expected. Four pack is excellent value; will share with family member who has respiratory difficulties.
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Very Good

Web site was user friendly. Product received in a timely fashion.

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Good product at a good price. Fast shipping. 

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Honeywell Univ. Prefilter

The filter works fine, but had to cut it to the size of the unit it was installed on. The plus side, there was enough filter material left over after the cutting for use in the future.

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pre-filter works fine.  Just wish it was one standard size and did not have to cut it down.

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I didn't like that you had to cut and measure it and my scissors slipped and it went off the line I was cutting on and when I put it on my purifier there is a little open hole and I believe this is the reason.  I am smelling cigarette smoke and other things it is suppose to catch but because of the hole the smells are getting through.  I was very unhappy with this and I think you should rethink this on the cutting thing.  Measure it in the factory and cut it you have the proper tools we don't the consumer!  :(

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No Comments

Nothing to comment about on this product. 

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As far as I know the product is good and I generally use it. I ordered it on Thursday by 2-Day air at 11.30 am eastern time as your website indicates that orders prior to 1.30 pm are shipped same day. However it was not shipped until the next day so I only received it the following Tuesday. In addition, my order was placed in triplicate (something must have gone wrong in the order process) and I was faced with much bureaucracy and indifferent customer service when resolving the issue which should not have taken more than a few minutes.  I understand that sometimes shipments are delayed and that there are 'glitches' with orders but a more courteous and efficient customer service experience would be helpful in future. 

Thank you.


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Product works well. Just need to cut it to size even though it supposedly fits this model number

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