Long life ultraviolet bulbs help reduce airborne bacteria, germs and mold spores (when used as directed on HFD-135 air purifier). Easy installation. Includes two bulbs per pack.
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: HUV-135
Product ID: 2c6ebbc2fb17f70f86ae1c0fd2634ccc
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Replacement UV Bulbs for HFD-135 Air Purifier

Model Number: HUV-135
Category: Air Purifiers
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Soft glow dual ultraviolet bulbs help reduce airborne germs and bacteria from the air that passes through the unit.  These specially designed UV replacement bulbs are encased and feature a convenient handle enclosure to make installation and removal easy.  Simply slide the bulb housing in and out of the air purifier base – no need to directly handle the bulbs or any connections. 

  • Fits Honeywell air purifier HFD-135
  • Two bulbs included per package
  • Detailed instructions included on package

Note: The UV lamps in this product contain mercury. Manage in accordance with disposal laws. See www.lamprecycle.org or call 1-800-895-8842


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