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HRF-D1 Honeywell® Universal HEPA filter

Model Number: HRF-D1
Color: Black/White
Price: 24.99
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Hepa Air Purifier Filter

I have been using Honeywell products for years.  Not once has a unit failed.  Highly recommend Honeywell filters and units!

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our 2nd unit....have 2 for the house now.

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Excellent product, service and selection

Easy place to shop for a particular product, even though it is no longer being made.  Good descriptions to find the right piece.  Thanks!

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Honeywell - They work

Great Filter - Great Price..

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hepa air purifier filter

EXCELLENT PRODUCT...I have used honeywell products for 25 years...

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Works great

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HEPA Filter

For my 17000 series air cleaner I had ordered one of these.  Don't I need two? That was not conveyed to me at the time. It is very thin (about half the size of the one inside). Please advise.

Thank you,


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I wasn't aware that my air purifier needed two filters of this size in order to fully protect the unit.  That I think should have been made clear before purchase.  The air filter works fine and the Air Purifier unit has been running smoothly since I replaced the filters.

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HRF-D1 compatability

The HRF-D1 HEPA filter ( 11" Dia ) formally known as HRF-11 fits our most common HEPA air cleaners throughout our facilities.  I like that it's stackable. I don't like that there is an excess waste when wrapping the carbon around it.  The ~10" excess length of carbon wrap is useless and is discarded. 

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Hepa filter

Love the product, I have a small parrot and he is a real dust bunny and this product traps and helps to filter and clean the air. Without it,  (with  the hepa filter) I just can't amagine what quality our breathable air would be. 

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Not same height as original filter

 I spent days looking for my correct Honeywell replacment filter. I searched by machine model number and filter part number. Finally found a web site that said Honeywell had changed the filter part number.
Why would they do that? Probably to get us consumers to purchase a new machine. I ordered the replacment filter under the NEW part number...it arrived....but it is about 1" less in height than the original filter. To remedy this fact they send you a cheap foam gasket about 1" high to fill the space. Im no engineer but even I know that the air being pulled into the machine will follow the path of least resistance and most air will bypass the HEPA filter and instead flow through this filler gasket. I have no complains about Kaz.com they have a good web site, fair pricing and shipping was normal for nline stores. Honeywell - I have owned your HEPA machine for a year now and it stills runs fine...make the correct filter for it please!

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Filters Stink

Bought Hepa air purifier (needed 2 to fit filter) turn it on and to my surprise, It stunk. Thought it might of been the machine itself, so I took out the hepa filter then turned it on and that was ok.

smell the hepa filter and it turned out that the filters stunk, so I returned the filters to Meijers.

I hope if I order it from this company (kaz), It won't stink.  I'll let you know when I do this. Beware and open filter box and smell it before buying thru a store.


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Since when did one have to buy two filters and stack them together.  Please find a better product.  Putting the two together and wrapping pre filter is a paint.  One filter please even if the cost is the same.

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2 filters to replace the one is a pain

I would have never bought the Honeywell air purifier if I had known that they do not offer a single filter as a replacement.  The unit comes with a siongle filter, so it makes no sense that you would not offer this.  You have to buy 2 smaller filters wrap them together and this is just a pain.

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Not helpful

I called Kaz customer service to verify the filter I needed for my air purifier because they had changed filter models.  The Kaz Customer Service rep told me what I needed and I ordered it on-line.  After it arrived and I went to install it, the instructions said I needed a pre-filter.  I called Kaz Customer Service back and they confirmed I needed one.  When I suggested it might have been helpful if the orginal Customer Service Rep had advised me when I was buying the filter that I may need a pre-filter, they said that is not their role, it's up to the Customer.  I asked if they would at least waive the shipping charge for the pre-filter and they said no.  Very unhelpful Customer Service.  Didn't care at all about my situation. Won't use them again.  They saved $5 in shipping but lost a customer.

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cheap undersized substitute

The Honeywell 50100 series air filter should be 4 inches high.  Honeywell discontinued HEPA air purifier filter model # 20590.  The Honeywell brand replacement filter, model HRF-D1, is instead a model that is 3 inches high with a foam gasket to fill the 1 inch gap.  That is, I was just sent a filter that is 75% of the height it should be for the Honeywell air purifier model 50100 as originally designed and sold.  It is a significant reduction in filter size, and an extreme reduction in the quality of the product, and would surely not meet the filtered air standard of the original product.  I will return the filters I ordered.

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