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HRF-14 Honeywell® Universal HEPA filter

Model Number: HRF-14
Color: Black/White
Price: 32.99
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Hepa filters

There the same one's at Home Depot. Except there 10 dollars cheaper . Since I needed 3  i save 30 dollars. Thank You So Much Kaz.

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I ordered three filter units because my air purifier needs three to replace the one original bigger size.  The shipment came as three separate packages.  I think it is waste of shipping costs.  I suggest to have discounts for ordering two or three units in one order and your company should have shipping boxes for placing two and three units.

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Will give it a 5 star for now.  The filters were puchased to replace some that got wet.  Have only had the Air Purifier in service for about a month.

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Why no exact filter replacement?? Why should i have buy, so called aftermarket filters and stack them( 3 )  You would think that a company of your stature and quality wouldn't be so willing to stick your heads where the sun doesn't shine!!   I'll tell you what i did- I went back to Home Depot and told the store manager that Honeywell / Kaz does not sell the original factory installed filter for these ( 7 ) yes, Seven model 50255-HD!!  They ( Home Depot ) searched and searched and searched your website and found nothing close to an original factory installed filter, they were totally dumbfounded and insulted to sell a product manufactured by Honeywell / kaz and asked WHY? Only Honeywell / kaz  has that answer .  So, this wonderful management staff at Home Depot opened ( 7 ) factory sealed model# 50255-HD containers removed the original supplied filters and carbon pre-filters and gave them to me for ( FREE, yes all sevenFREE FREE FREE!!!!                                   

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Honeywell HRF-14 Honeywell® Universal HEPA filter

The was easy to install and so far has been great.

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When Available?
When will the hepa filters be in stock?
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Don't know what you want here.

The product seem s to fine a this point.  Check back with me in 6 months when it is still supposed to be working fine.

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I was replacing a previous filter and was not aware that the filter for this unit now requires you to buy (3) of these filters and stack them.  I do not recall anything online that told me when I purchased this filter to purchase (3) for the model that I have.  Now I have to wait for another one to be delivered.   It did say that you could find them at home depot and walmart.  I did find one at home depot, but both of these stores are going to discontinue carrying this product (and I do believe they were cheaper at these stores, then on your website).

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Be aware

I found out that I needed 3 of the Hepa filters to use in my purifier and that I also need to remove the rubber gasket to get all three filters to fit.  Beware of tearing the gaskets to fast or you'll squish the filter.  This has no negative affect on the purifier, still works great. 

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HEPA Filters

These three filters were sent in just the original manufacturers packaging & not placed together in one shipping box for transport.  Therefore they arrived in very poor condition and were fairly "beat up"!!!  More care should have been taken to assure their arrival in original condition!

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I like the one large ring better.

Putting three filter rings together and having to cut the mesh filter that wraps around it makes it wobble. There is also a slight chemical-burn type smell.


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Honeywell universal replacement HEPA filter

I have long enjoyed the quality and value of Honeywell HEPA room filters. The current universal replacement product I have to say I a extremely disappointed with. The process of stacking two or more smaller fiters together with foam spacers is unsatisfactory. First it leaves less actual filter area than the original. Second and most importantly, The 1 inch foam spacers provided to place between the filter units are made of a foam that off gases a noxious odor, which is common to  foam products and to which I am allergic. This defeats the whole reason for using the filter. Unfortunately it is the only available option.

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replacement filters...

I've taken to buying my filters off ebay as you have made the universal replacement filter less efficient due to the extra rubber spacing between each of the three filters making less available filter surface. A full filter would bring my machine back to its FULL efficiency. Im really let down you dont produce that filter still but your costs are more important than the customer. I understand that at least. I hope I can get the full size filters for a while online as my next filter wont be a Honeywell.

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