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HRF-11 Universal HEPA filter

Model Number: HRF-11
Color: Black/White
Price: 29.99
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Hepa filter

This product is exactly what I needed.  I tried several places to purchase this product, but it was unavailable.  I found your site on the net and very pleased you had the proper Hepa filter to fit my several year old air purifier.  I also was surprised when it arrived so soon after ordering. My rating is an A+ on the Hepa filter and delivery time.

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The filters arrived a day before they were supposed to be delivered!  Just as picture on the website.  Excellent service, will definitely order from your website again.

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hepa filter

I like the price of the products, they are much more expensive when I purchase them at retail. I only wish that it was just one filter rather than 2, or sell them in pairs. 

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hepa filter

I love the price of the filter.  To purchase them at retail they are much more expensive.  I would love to have them packaged in pairs (I need 2 for my appliance). 

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Hepa Filter

I am looking forward to having a filter which I do not need to discard every three years and will be more environmentally friendly.

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AIr Purifier model 1700

This purifer does not say that the life of the Hepa Filter in it will be cut short if exposed to cigarette smoke. In fact the box of the machine lists it as one of the things it cleans out of the air. This did disappoint me. One morning I got up and it smelled like a bar in my living room instead of fresh and clean. This was two weeks ago. The Hepa Filter in it has had six months use. It also stops pulling particles from the air when this happens. So great machine but plan on spending bucks if you smoke. Pay no mind to the box it does not control cig., smoke odor!

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The hepa filter I received for the model # that I own is much smaller than the one that fits the machine.  I've made due, but not happy about it.

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What nott he right filter for my air cleaner.  Website lead me wrong.

Please contact me so Ic an return it.


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Do not match the products I ordered

The filters I ordered do not fit my purifier at all.  I followed instructions the type of filter for my air purifier according to the booklet inserted in with it.  I've been calling to speak with a customer service expert unsuccessfully to find out a way to return the package either to get exchanges or to get my refund.  Those filters are not cheap plus I get no use of them.

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When Available?

We have 3 of the 17000 Honeywell air purifiers needed for asthma and allergies.  I have treid for 3 months to order new hepa filters and they have been "temporarily out of stock."  That's a long temporary.  When will they be available?  I need to replace all the filters in all 3 of our units.  Can't you do better?

Thank you.


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honeywell air purifiers

do not buy a honeywell,  you can not get replacement filters for their air purifiers.  No one carries the replacement and website is sold out..

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