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Honeywell Easy Fit-n-Set Filter

Model Number: 40190
Price: 22.99
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Air Cleaners

Products arrived in a timely manner well packaged and were able to put into the air cleaner, started up cleaner and all is well!!



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Fine Filter

This is a filter, it works as described for the models described. Looks better made than the last one I bought.

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Are you kidding

 I ordered this back on August the 25, 2010. I received the universal filter but not this one. I have called many times and have been told many different reasons why I have not received it. Even though you have deducted the money from my bank account. So here it is Sept. 26 and I still do not have the product. I was told they were on back order, we have plenty I don't knoe why you didn't get it, I'll send it right out again. I'm still waiting. During a horriblr=e allergy season. Oh I also was told you would call me and let me know the problem a week ago but that didn't happen either.

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