11 Gallon output/day whole house humidifier is up to 30% quieter than other console humidifiers. Operates up to 24 hours on a single filling and is recommended for areas up to 2300 sq ft.
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: HCM-6011I
Product ID: 3d38a72c5b48c75ba97694131a2fccb4
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QuietCare™ Cool Moisture Multi-Room Humidifier

Model Number: HCM-6011I
Category: Humidifiers
Room Size: Large
Price: $119.99
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QuietCareTM HCM-6011i provides natural relief from dry indoor air.  The Protec Pure Moisture System provides a 4 step process for fresher moisture.  The Airwashing filter helps capture dirt, dust, and pollen, the Protec Cleaning Cartridge helps reduce mineral build-up, the Protec Extended Life Filter helps prevent the growth of mold and odor causing bacteria on your filter while the ionizer helps freshen the air.

  • Up to 30% quieter
  • Adjustable humidity control
  • 3 moisture output settings
  • Easy to clean, carry and fill
  • Runs up to 24 hours per filling
  • Humidifies up to 2300 sq. ft.
  • Replacement filter: HC-14

Filters and Accessories

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Customer Reviews

QuietCare™ Cool Moisture Multi-Room Humidifier
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Works great!

We love the QuietCare unit we purchased at Meijers.  It keeps our large house moist and we no longer suffer from the dry effects of winter.  It adjusts to any level of humidity you want.  The only draw back is it doesn't shut off when it runs out of water so you have to keep an eye on it, but the tanks on it run for almost 24 hours straight.  It can be a bit noisy, some vibration in the unit but I am very very very happy with it!  Thanks Kaz!


I purchased the HCM-6011G at Meijer to replace our Sonic humidifer that quit.  The first day it raised the humidity in our house to over 40%, my husband said "it has never been that high in here in the winter".  I am impressed at how quickly it raises the humidity and also how quiet it is.  I soak the filter every time i refill it so hopefully it will last for a while.  I does blow cold air so i have to turn it on low in the morning or my husbands gets too cold.  

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