Advanced 3-in-1 air cleaning system combines germ fighting ultraviolet technology, HEPA filtration and enhanced odor control to deliver cleaner, fresher air to your room. This sleek attractive tower air purifier provides effective, whisper quiet performance with no expensive filters to replace. Digital controls feature 12 cleaning levels, 1-18 hour timer, filter clean indicator and optional ionizer and oscillation.
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: HHT-145
Product ID: 5d219cdcb6703e3c7994c14fde38de78
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HEPAClean® Germ Fighting Air Purifier with Odor Reduction

Model Number: HHT-145
Category: Air Purifiers
Dimensions: 11.00" x 10.00" x 30.00" in
Color: Pearl White
Room Size: 185
Speeds: 12
Warranty: 5 Year Limted
Price: $269.99
Sale Price: 239.99
Save: $30.00 (11% off)
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The UV HEPAClean® Tower Air Purifier features an advanced air cleaning system that combines 3 powerful air cleaning technologies into one-delivering cleaner, fresher air to your home. Germ Fighting Ultraviolet Technology helps reduce certain viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold spores while the HEPAClean® filters capture up to 99% of airborne particles such as dust, pet dander, smoke and pollen¹. In addition, the enhanced odor-reducing carbon zeolite pre-filter helps reduce common household odors such as pet, cooking, nursery and smoke odors.

The long-life HEPAClean® filters can be vacuumed or replaced when the Filter Check Light indicates the filter is dirty.

The easy-to-use LCD controls give you up to 12 different cleaning power levels so you can customize for your cleaning needs. It also features a 1-18 hour auto shut-off timer, an optional ionizer for extra cleaning power and optional oscillation to enhance air circulation. The sleek tower design saves space and will look great in any room in your home. Most effective for medium to large size rooms.

  • Laboratory proven to reduce 99.9% of certain airborne viruses and fungi²
  • Filters capture up to 99% of common airborne pollutants¹
  • Premium odor-reducing pre-filter
  • 12 cleaning power levels
  • 1-18 hour auto-off timer
  • Electronic Filter Gauge and light indicate when it is time to check the filter
  • Optional on/off Ionizer and Oscillation controls
  • Replacement UV Bulbs: Model No. HUV-145
  • Replacement Odor-Reducing Pre-Filter B: Model NO. HRF-B1 (single pack 3 month supply) and HRF-B2 (two pack six month supply)
  • Replacement HEPA-type filter C: Model HRF-C2 (unit requires 2 filters)
  • Room Size: 185 sq ft (13' x 14')

This air cleaner is ARB Certified to comply with the federal ozone emissions limit.

The Honeywell UV HEPAClean® Tower Air Purifier has been AHAM Certified for use in rooms up to 185 square feet. Its certified CADR ratings are:

  • 120 for smoke
  • 120 for dust
  • 130 for pollen

Filters and Accessories

1from the air that passes through the filter 2 microns or larger

2Based on independent testing, report no. 3102905-01, after 2 hours of use from the air in the test chamber

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