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Honeywell 6" CPZ™ Replacement Filter Kit

Model Number: 21200
Color: Black/White
Price: 59.99
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Excellent product.  I have used it for several years for my daughter's allergies.

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Removes odor well

My living room had a strange chemical smell for months.  I checked everywhere but could not find where exactly the smell was coming from.  It's okay during the day when I leave the windows open, but when I close all my windows at night, the smell accumulates and bothers me when I walk out of my bedroom in the morning. That's why I bought a Honeywell airpurifier with the CPZ filter to absorb the odor.  It do just what they claimed to do, remove odors.  Now with the windows closed and the purifier working the whole night, I don't notice the smell walking into my living room in the moring.

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