BK300 or BK500 Replacement Bulbs - Black UV Light
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: B24B
Product ID: bc7d9512fbd8ef42281bfb64755043cc
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24 Watt Replacement Bulb

Model Number: B24B
Category: Insect Control
Dimensions: 1.88" x 1.00" x 11.50"
Color: Black UV
  • 24W black UV light replacement bulb
  • For use with Models: BK100, BK300, BK500
  • Only Stinger replacement bulbs should be used with Stinger products
  • Bulb light attraction diminishes over time. It is recommended that bulbs should be replaced annually to maintain optimal UV effectiveness
  • Note: This lamp contains Mercury, dispose accordingly to Local, State or Federal Laws

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